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Established in 1996 by Frank and Mary Crandall, Crandall’s House Cleaning Services set out from humble beginnings, going door-to-door just to get new clients. Having worked for the competition briefly, Mary and Frank knew exactly where they could improve in both service and quality. They were “driven” to be better than the rest; it was that “drive” that helped them to establish excellent customer relations and a word of mouth referral business that rapidly grew the company beyond its meager beginnings. These results necessitated the acquisition additional personnel and their training to meet the standards put forth by the company.


The Family business has been left to Frank and Mary’s son, Nick Maniaci. Today we continue the same great legacy of quality and service left by my parents. I personally take part in the care and cleaning of your home, alongside my team of highly trained individuals we are constantly striving to be better than the rest and give you back a clean home that is both timely and efficient. At the end of the day our reputation is all we have, and we guarantee our work just as my parents and if you aren’t happy with something we will come back and correct it for free.

Nick Maniaci
Owner /Operator